Board Members & Staffs

Discover the dedicated individuals who drive our organization’s mission and share a common vision of positive change. Learn more about our exceptional staff and esteemed board members, and explore their vital roles within CACCWA, as well as their shared vision for a brighter future.

Our Board Members

Meet the distinguished members of our 2023 CACCWA board, as we delve into their backgrounds, experiences, and unwavering dedication to serving our community. Explore further to gain insights into their commitment and contributions.

Our Board Members

Meet the distinguished members of our 2024 CACCWA board, as we delve into their backgrounds, experiences, and unwavering dedication to serving our community. Explore further to gain insights into their commitment and contributions.

Channdara Sos


Channdara Sos is a Cambodian American community member with a Bachelor of Arts degree in computer science and a Master of Business Administration degree in finance. He has 15 years of finance and project management experience in the private sector. He has held various professional titles including business program manager, program manager, senior financial analyst, global forecasting analyst, and consultant. His past employers include Microsoft, Samsung, United Health Care, Fred Hutchinson, and Amazon. He is a long-time community organizer presiding over many local community efforts—social service engagements, public events, and youth development. He provides operational and technical guidance to CACCWA’s executive director and other staff.

June Pen

Vice President

June Pen is a second-generation Khmer American. She was born and raised around the Seattle area, with some time spent in Wisconsin for her undergraduate degree in Plant Pathology. She returned to Seattle for her Master of Education degree and now is a museum outreach educator, bringing science and cultural collections to young learners across Washington State. In addition to being an educator, June is also a writer and martial artist. June values community, love, and storytelling in her work and in her everyday living.

Sarah Morgan


Sarah Morgan was raised in Washington state and holds a Master of Arts degree in International Development and Service work. She has over 13 years of non-profit experience in administration, operations, and program management. She spent four years managing programs in Battambang, Cambodia before moving back to Washington with her family. She is currently the Co-Executive Director at Take the Next Step, a Family Resource Center in Monroe, WA.

Pakun Sin

Co-Founder, Treasurer, and Finance Committee

Pakun Sin is a Cambodian American community member with a Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering and 27 years of experience as a lead engineer at Boeing. He is a community organizer with a strong passion for community development. He is the former president of the United Cambodian Development Association of WA. He dedicates his time to ensuring the quality of CACCWA’s decision process and that work priorities match CACCWA’s mission and values. He chairs CACCWA’s Finance Committee and provides guidance on financial and programmatic priorities to the executive director.

Randy Khuon


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Alexander Khem

Executive Board Counselor

Alexander Khem is a second generation Cambodian American. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in media and communication studies and has experiences in community engagement, leadership advocacy, and cross-cultural competence. His interactions with staff involve promoting CACCWA’s values, and sustaining relationships within the organization while making sure communications remain conducive to a healthy work environment.

Joe Bushnell

Board Member

Joe is a Sales and Marketing Business Manager with an impressive four decades of experience in the recycling industry. With a proven track record in overseeing recycling facilities, managing customer relations, transportation logistics, international sales, and operational functions, he brings a wealth of expertise to the table. Additionally, Joe boasts 25 years of managerial experience in a tax office, where he handled Federal Income Tax Returns, payroll, and human resources. Beyond his professional roles, he has a background as a former firefighter/medic and has been actively involved with the refugee community since 1985, aiding in resettlement and collaborating with non-governmental organizations. Joe's unwavering dedication to serving others, coupled with his passion for the well-being of the less fortunate and his commitment to diverse faith communities, make him an invaluable board member of CACCWA.

Chunneath Kravanh

Board Member

Chunneath Kravanh is a first-generation Cambodian-American with a passion for education and advocacy. Born and raised in Tacoma, WA, Chunneath's educational journey led him to obtain a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from the University of Washington and a Master of Education from Seattle University. Currently serving as a School Counselor in Bellevue, he draws inspiration from his own experiences as a minority student to empower and support his students. Chunneath strongly believes in the significance of diversity and is deeply committed to promoting inclusiveness, equity, and racial and social justice within the education system. Chunneath has been involved with CACCWA since 2016 and previously served as co-chair of the Education Committee.

Dr. Laura Vong

Board Member

Dr. Laura Vong is a first-generation Cambodian-American and she has been involved with CACCWA since 2015. Dr. Vong is a double dawg - she graduated from the University of Washington with a B.S. in Biology and her D.D.S. degree. Dr. Vong currently practices as a general dentist in South Seattle. She first became involved with the Khmer community through UW's Khmer Student Association which she served as president 2015-2016. During this time and the following years she became heavily involved with CACCWA as co-chair of the education committee. Dr. Vong is passionate about helping more Cambodian-Americans achieve higher education and enjoys seeing her community succeed.

Chamroeun Khiev

Board Member

Chamroeun Khiev is an accomplished Safety System Integration Engineer II at Boeing, bringing over six years of experience in system engineering and project management. With a Master's in System Engineering from Colorado Technical University and a Bachelor's in Electrical Engineering from the University of Washington, Khiev excels in ensuring compliance with safety and technical requirements. His expertise extends to roles such as F-15 International Radar IPT Engineer and Interior Electrical Systems Design and analysis Engineer. Beyond his professional endeavors, Khiev has made significant contributions to academia, having taught mathematics for over five years.

William Oung

Cofounder and Advisor

William C. Oung is a Cambodian American retiree with a Bachelor of Arts degree in economics and a Master of Business Administration degree in management. He has over 30 years of experience in public and private sector finance, community organizing and non-profit operations, and bi-lateral governmental relations. He has held various titles including fund manager, international in-house technical advisor, finance supervisor, and economist. Former employers include King County, the World Bank, City of Seattle, Security Pacific Bank, and Seattle Public Schools. One of his roles in CACCWA is to supervise CACCWA’s executive director.

Our Staffs

Meet our 2024 staff and explore their individual journeys, goals, and passion for contributing to CACCWA. Read on to learn more about what drives them in their dedicated work.

Sambath Eat

Executive Director

Sambath Eat, a member of the Cambodian American community, with a diverse and rich educational background comprising a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Ceramics from the University of Montana, a Bachelor of Arts degree in Asian Studies from the University of Oregon, and a Master of Arts degree in International Studies from the University of Washington. He currently serves as the full-time Executive Director of CACCWA, managing four concurrently funded projects and a team of seven staff members.
He ensures transparent and accountable governance by regularly presenting detailed reports to both the Chairperson and the Executive Committee. His unwavering commitment to realizing CACCWA's vision and mission is a driving force behind the organization's efforts to uplift and empower the community.

Nathalie Chan

Assistant Executive Director

Nathalie Chan, originally from Phnom Penh, Cambodia, moved to the United States as a child in pursuit of a better education. She recently graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in Finance and Marketing. Her main goal is to support her community, reconnect with her Cambodian roots, and assist older generations facing language barriers and challenges in a new country. Nathalie's role involves working with the Small Business Resiliency Network (SBRN) and the Equity In Education Coalition (EEC). She helps create programs that make it easier for her community to navigate the business and technology world. Nathalie is also in charge of social media and email marketing to promote CACCWA and its programs. Furthermore, she serves as a member of the financial committee, playing a crucial role in helping CACCWA stay on budget and stay on the right path. Nathalie's journey from Cambodia to her education and work in these programs is a story of determination, reconnecting with her culture, and a strong commitment to making a difference.

Chanphally Tan

Senior Program Coordinator

Chanphally Tan held a Master of Psychology and Bachelor of Business Administration degree in management in Thailand. She is a former Program assistant for United Nation Development and Executive Director for Girl Guides of Cambodian. She had 10 years of experience teaching and 20 years of experience with community organization in Thailand and Australia.
She is currently reciting in Seattle and working with CACCWA as Senior Program Coordinator. Provided support to the Cambodian Senior community with digital work. This work has increased the technical knowledge for these marginalized seniors and given access to the current digital world and opened new opportunities in their lives. At the same time we have built a technology knowledge base in our seniors, we have also opened a new market of tech-savvy people.

Leakh Peach

Assistant Program Coordinator

Leakh Peach is a Cambodian American community council member with a Bachelor of Psychology and Teaching strategy of Phnom Penh UW, Cambodia, teached at Kampong Cham teacher vocational school for 8 years, Certified Nursing Assistant In WA. She is currently working as a CNA and Caregiver for 19 years. She is an assistant of digital navigator and hotline services. Her role is to reach out to the Cambodian community, organize workshops, assist teaching during workshops and provide DNP services one on one through hotline and in person.

Ryan Sok

Digital Navigator Program Coordinator

Ryan Sok is a second-generation, Cambodian American from Washington state. Graduated from Seattle University with a Bachelor's in Communication Studies and Minor in Business Administration. Currently working for CACCWA, as a program coordinator for the digital outreach program. His duties include but are not limited to, providing direct assistance with community members for technological assistance and education, development of the digital navigation program, and technological support for CACCWA.

Maxine Tonty

Program Coordinator

I'm Maxine Tonty, a Program Coordinator with CACCWA and a student at UW. My primary focus is on empowering and uplifting the community through education on technology, digital equity, and safety. I'm dedicated to helping small businesses thrive and fostering unity among our community members so that together, we can build a stronger, more connected community.

Poline Pak

Finance & Payroll Administrator

Poline Pak is a seasoned financial professional, proudly leading PAK TAX SERVICE LLC since 1992. His extensive expertise covers basic accounting, bookkeeping, payroll services, income tax preparation, and business licensing, catering to a diverse clientele in service-based and retail industries. Specializing in areas like landscaping, adult home care, hair salons/barber shops & spas, wholesalers, and other retail services, Poline has become a trusted advisor. Additionally, he serves as the Finance & Payroll Administrator at CACCWA, bringing his financial acumen to enhance the organization's efficiency and stability.

John Tran

Accounting Manager

John Tran works with CACCWA's Board Members and Staff to ensure financial and accounting integrity. His goal while here is to help CACCWA build the necessary internal controls and other financial infrastructures to best carry out its mission. He has lived in the Seattle area for close to two decades and is pursuing his Ph.D. in history at the University of Washington. He holds a MA in Southeast Asian studies, also from UW, MS in Taxation from Golden Gate University (San Francisco, CA), and a BA in Accounting from Portland State University.