Member Organizations

Member Organizations

The Cambodian American Community Council of Washington (CACCWA) partners with organizations throughout Washington State whose missions align with ours to elevate and strengthen the Cambodian-American community.

CACCWA collaborates with our member organizations to deploy programs, sponsor events, and facilitate other opportunities. Our member organizations participate in our general meeting and help elect our Board Members. If you would like to become a member of our network, please contact or fill out our membership form here.  

United Cambodian Development Association Logo

United Cambodian Development Association (Federal Way)

United Cambodian Development Association (UCDA) is a certified 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization registered in Washington State and as well as through the IRS.  UCDA founded in 1997 by a group of young Cambodian professionals and college students, particularly in Washington State, in collaborative efforts to promote and strive for the following goals and objectives:

  • To promote education developmentand health awarenesswithin the Cambodian American Communities
  • To preserve and enrich Cambodian culture and heritage
  • To support humanitarian efforts to Cambodia
  • To promote the community outreach and build network-working with other non-profit organizations across Washington State
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Khmer Alliance Foundation (Lynnwood)


Operating since 1988, KAF promotes social services and educational programs for the people of Cambodia as well as the local Cambodian-American community.  

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Khmer Buddhist Society (Seattle)


Khmer Buddhist Society, or as the local Khmer community commonly refers to as Wat Chas (“Old Temple”), was founded in 1983 to enrich the spiritual lives of its members. Khmer Buddhist Society is the first Khmer Buddhist temple established in the Puget Sound area and served as one of the community’s few common gathering spaces for Khmer New Year and other spiritual events. It is located in Beacon Hill in Seattle, Washington.

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Khmer Students Association of UW (Seattle/Tacoma/Bothell)



Instagram: @KhSAUW

Khmer Student Association of the University of Washington’s (KhSA) purpose is to share the Khmer culture and foster students through their college years as they balance their academic and social lives. KhSA is also actively involved in the community promoting Khmer culture and supporting community members.   

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Rajana Society (Seattle)


Rajana Society was founded in 2003 by Khmer students to advance Khmer arts within the community and worldwide. Among its goals to promote Khmer artists and engage in policy advocacy, it has sponsored nearly annual trips for Khmer community members to tour Cambodia on a catered itinerary that allows members to connect and interact with established artists and engage in a variety of creative experiences. 

Seattle Sihanoukville Sister City Association Logo

Seattle-Sihanoukville Sister City Association (Seattle)


Seattle-Sihanoukville Sister City Association’s (Sea-Sih) mission is to promote awareness and understanding of the city of Sihanoukville and Cambodia through programs and projects that strengthen cultural, educational, health, and business ties between the cities and people of greater Seattle and Sihanoukville, Cambodia.

Cambodian Assistance Foundation (CAF) Logo | CACCWA Member

Cambodian Assistance Fund (Tacoma)

Based out of Tacoma, Washington, CAF is currently led by Dareth Pak and focuses on fundraising efforts to support various community improvement projects in Cambodia.  

Cambodian Women Networking Association (CWNA) Logo | CACCWA Member

Cambodian Women Networking Association (Tacoma)

Founded in 2010 in Tacoma, Washington, Cambodian Women Networking Association is led by Sinuon Hem to provide networking opportunities for Cambodian-American women.  

Khmer Language Arts and Culture Academy Logo | CACCWA Member

Khmer Language Arts and Culture Academy (Tacoma)


Khmer Language Arts and Culture Academy was founded in 2019 and offers regular Khmer language and dance classes for Khmer youth each Friday and Sunday at the Asia Pacific Cultural Center in Tacoma. Since its creation, it has flourished and grown considerably by being a youth-led and family-powered organization.  

National Cambodian American Organization Logo | CACCWA Member

National Cambodian American Organization (Vancouver)


Founded in 2010 by Cambodian-American community members from across the nation, NCAO’s mission is to advance the Khmer identity and advocate for Khmer interests. It has held national conferences in both the East and West Coast featuring salient topics and discussions on community interests and recognizing the achievements of its individual members. NCAO’s Washington office is based in Vancouver, Washington.  

Khmer Anti-Deportation Logo | CACCWA Member

Khmer Anti-Deportation Advocacy Group


Khmer Anti-deportation Advocacy group (KhAAG, pronounced ‘CAGE’) was established in response to increased ICE raids, which took place throughout the 2016-2020 presidential administration, resulting in the disproportionate impact to and unjust deportations of formerly incarcerated Cambodian-American community members. KhAAG helps vulnerable deportees and their families navigate the pardoning system and advocates for national legislation that will prevent future unjust deportations.