Board Members

Board Members

2023 Term

Headshot of William Oung, Interim Chair

William Oung, Chairperson and Co-Founder

William C. Oung is a Cambodian American retiree with a Bachelor of Arts degree in economics and a Master of Business Administration degree in management. He has over 30 years of experience in public and private sector finance, community organizing and non-profit operations, and bi-lateral governmental relations. He has held various titles including fund manager, international in-house technical advisor, finance supervisor, and economist. Former employers include King County, the World Bank, City of Seattle, Security Pacific Bank, and Seattle Public Schools. One of his roles in CACCWA is to supervise CACCWA’s executive director.

Headshot of Pakun Sin, Board Member

Pakun Sin, Co-Founder

Pakun Sin is a Cambodian American community member with a Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering and 27 years of experience as a lead engineer at Boeing. He is a community organizer with a strong passion for community development. He is the former president of the United Cambodian Development Association of WA. He dedicates his time to ensuring the quality of CACCWA’s decision process and that work priorities match CACCWA’s mission and values. He chairs CACCWA’s Finance Committee and provides guidance on financial and programmatic priorities to the executive director.

Channdara Sos, Vice Chair of Operations

Channdara Sos is a Cambodian American community member with a Bachelor of Arts degree in computer science and a Master of Business Administration degree in finance. He has 15 years of finance and project management experience in the private sector. He has held various professional titles including business program manager, program manager, senior financial analyst, global forecasting analyst, and consultant. His past employers include Microsoft, Samsung, United Health Care, Fred Hutchinson, and Amazon. He is a long-time community organizer presiding over many local community efforts—social service engagements, public events, and youth development. He provides operational and technical guidance to CACCWA’s executive director and other staff.

Alexander Khem, Executive Board Counselor

Alexander Khem is a second generation Cambodian American. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in media and communication studies and has experiences in community engagement, leadership advocacy, and cross-cultural competence. His interactions with staff involve promoting CACCWA’s values, and sustaining relationships within the organization while making sure communications remain conducive to a healthy work environment.

Sarah Morgan, Executive Board Secretary

Sarah Morgan was raised in Washington state and holds a Master of Arts degree in International Development and Service work. She has over 13 years of non-profit experience in administration, operations, and program management. She spent four years managing programs in Battambang, Cambodia before moving back to Washington with her family. She is currently the Co-Executive Director at Take the Next Step, a Family Resource Center in Monroe, WA.

Joe Bushnell, Board Member

Chunneath Kravanh, Board Member

Dr. Laura Vong, Board Member

Chamrouen Khiev, Board Member


Sambath Eat, Executive Director

Sambath Eat, a member of the Cambodian American community, with a diverse and rich educational background comprising a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Ceramics from the University of Montana, a Bachelor of Arts degree in Asian Studies from the University of Oregon, and a Master of Arts degree in International Studies from the University of Washington. He currently serves as the full-time Executive Director of CACCWA, managing four concurrently funded projects and a team of seven staff members.

His comprehensive role entails a wide range of responsibilities, including but not limited to, program and staff management, community outreach, supervision of program evaluation projects, and organizational development encompassing strategic planning and program execution. Sambath’s portfolio further extends to grant management and fostering collaborative community engagements with other entities.

Demonstrating commendable managerial acumen, Sambath has successfully overseen the management of approximately $428,000 in state and private grants for CACCWA. He maintains stringent accountability measures by providing monthly reports to the Chairperson, or his designate, as well as to the Executive Committee. His ongoing contributions and leadership continue to be instrumental in driving the organization’s success.

Chanphally Tan, Senior Program Coordinator

Chanphally Tan held  a Master of Phycology and Bachelor of Business Administration degree in management in Thailand. She is a former Program assistant for United Nation Development and Executive Director for Girl Guides of Cambodian. She had 10 years of experience teaching and 20 years of experience with community organization in Thailand and Australia.

She is currently reciting in Seattle and working with CACCWA as Senior Program Coordinator. Provided support to the Cambodian Senior community with  digital work.  This work has increased the technical knowledge for these marginalized seniors and given access to the current digital world and opened new opportunities in their lives. At the same time we have built a technology knowledge base in our seniors, we have also opened a new market of tech-savvy people.

Ryan Sok, Digital Navigator Program Coordinator

Leakh Peach, Assistant Program Coordinator

Leakh Peach is a Cambodian American community council member with a Bachelor of Psychology and Teaching strategy of Phnom Penh UW, Cambodia, teached at Kampong Cham teacher vocational school for 8 years, Certified Nursing Assistant In WA. She is currently working as a CNA and Caregiver for 19 years. She is an assistant of digital navigator and hotline services. Her role is to reach out to the Cambodian community, organize workshops, assist teaching during workshops and provide DNP services one on one through hotline and in person.

Makara Lay, Assistant Program Coordinator

Maxine Tonty, Labor & Industries Program Coordinator

Annika Prom, Commerce Program Coordinator